Appealing Business Applications

Appealing Business Applications

Business Applications with attractive Design supported by solid JAVA backend.

Gridoc lets you merge any amount of data from your files or workbooks and export results quickly.

Checkout example online pivot table created with EXMERG

EXMERG automatically processes data from excel or csv files and enables paging, sorting, full text search and other cool features

Fully Responsive Design

Modern web applications are increasingly accessed via mobile devices with touch screens. With layout that adapts to any screen size, your web-app will be loved across devices.

Data Presented in Style

We enable your users to focus on their data and important tasks they want to perform. Clean design and comprehensive user interface makes even the hard tasks no-brainer.

Fits any Landscape

Fitting new User Interface on top of existing backend systems or creating end-to-end applications from scratch are equally challenging.

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