Extjs-MVC Template – upgrade to 4.2.1 and improved Maven build

The ExtJS MVC template was originally built with ExtJS 4.2.0, and today i upgrade it to it’s successor ExtJS 4.2.1 (since October 2013 there is also v. 4.2.2, but available only to subscribed members). So let’s upgrade and enjoy some good work of Sencha team.

By running following command in /src/main/webapp folder of the Extjs-MVC Template project, Sencha CMD does the job for you (make sure you have ExtJS 4.2.1 SDK downloaded and extracted somewhere at hand):
sencha app upgrade /path/to/ext-

Now you can build the app again: sencha app build

New maven profile local-development-build in pom.xml copies ExtJS app build into WAR file instead of development sources. It uses maven-resources-plugin to get the resources copied to ${project.build.directory}/jsbuild and then configures maven-war-plugin to exclude development sources and use ${project.build.directory}/jsbuild as webResources.

When you’ll want to deploy development sources again, you’ll probably run into this issue – as i pointed out in my previous blog post, you need to revert to original bootstrap.css file.

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